Media and Young Women in Politics in Nigeria and Kenya 2023

Overall we expect that the 100 journalists trained will form a community of practice, and we expect to see changes in how they report on young women in politics through their work. The capacity building of media organisations through the research reports and media toolkit will come with the call for commitment to their use […]

AWiM Media Graduate Trainee Programme 2022

Throughout the programme, trainees were assigned different mentors from AWiM staff members, who were selected based on their areas of expertise and professional experience. These mentors provided the trainees with guidance, support, and feedback to help them develop their skills and achieve their objectives. The programme was structured to allow trainees to rotate every six […]

Africa Environment Reporting Programme 2022

Reflecting on Achievement The program’s reach and influence have been profound. Through meticulous training and guidance, journalists were equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to delve into complex environmental challenges. Their efforts culminated in a diverse array of published reports that shed light on the often-overlooked facets of environmental issues across Africa. Recognising Excellence […]

Reporting on Peace and Security Project 2022

Initiated in May 2022, this program was designed to bolster the reporting capacities of African female journalists, specifically focusing on peace and security issues with a solutions-oriented approach. Program Highlights Training and Mentorship Curriculum Development Journalistic Endeavors Impact and Achievements Enhanced Reporting Landscape Testimonials Impactful Transformations Beneficiaries expressed profound gratitude and highlighted personal and professional […]

African Photojournalism Awards (APA) 2021

The Agenda 2063 Africa Photojournalism Project, in line with both the Africa’s Development Strategy Agenda 2063 and the African Union 2021 Theme “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We Work” aimed to inspire photo journalists from all across the continent to share powerful images telling Africa’s story from an African perspective and […]

Gender and Digital Reporting Training Programme 2021

The Gender and Digital Reporting Training programs are a direct response to identified learning needs from a comprehensive study conducted by the Fojo Media Institute on Barriers to entry for women journalists. These programs aim to address these barriers by empowering women journalists with critical skills necessary for reporting on women’s rights, developing internal gender […]

Labour Migration Reporting (LMR) 2020

This project was done in partnership with the African Union, ILO, IOM as part of the JLMP initiative. A newsletter series was also developed as a part of the community engagement strategy. The objective was to highlight existing and missing narratives in media coverage of labour migration stories in Africa. It highlighted success stories of […]

Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) 2020

With the support of UNESCO, within the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) framework, we were able to develop what we called the Risk Communication and Community Engagement Programme. The programme had three key elements: Six courses (which we dubbed #RCCE2020), each produced by six amazing trainers; research into the impact of COVID-19 […]

Impact of COVID19 on East African Women Journalists

The selected 200 submitted a more detailed pitch as part of their place confirmation. Selecting trainers with experience of practicing in an African country was also part of our pedagogical approach. We recognised from the start that expertise on the subject of the course was one thing, but contextualised expertise was our ultimate goal; it […]

Reporting Violence Against Women And Girls in Nigeria 2022

This ongoing three-year project aims to transform the narrative surrounding survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) in Nigeria, particularly focusing on the representation and treatment of survivors. After successfully completing the first year and initial training sessions, the project has produced one investigative report along with several smaller reports. Purpose: The project endeavors to reshape the […]


C.E.O & Co-founder, AWiM

Dr Yemisi Akinbobola is an award-winning journalist, academic, consultant and co-founder of African Women in Media (AWiM). AWiM’s vision is that one-day African women will have equal access to representation in media. Joint winner of the CNN African Journalist Award 2016 (Sports Reporting), Yemisi ran her news website IQ4News between 2010-14.
Yemisi holds a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies from Birmingham City University, where she is a Senior Lecturer. She has published scholarly research on women’s rights, African feminism, and journalism and digital public spheres. She was Editorial Consultant for the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 commemorative book titled “She Stands for Peace: 20 Years, 20 Journeys”, and currently hosts the book’s podcast.
She speaks regularly on issues relating to gender and media. In 2021 she was recognized as one of 100 Most Influential African Women.