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Call for Papers: African Women in Media 2020 Summit (AWiM2020)

Reimagining Futures: Women in Media, Peace and Technologies

Johannesburg, South Africa 

*Registration opens 28 February 2020

African Women in Media (AWiM) is pleased to bring you our fourth annual conference, which aims to bring together media practitioners, researchers, policy makers and CSOs.

In exploring the themes outlined below, AWiM2020 Summit welcomes paper, panel and workshop proposals from researchers, practitioners, CSOs and policy professionals in the following topical areas:

With the theme Reimagining Futures: Women in Media, Peace and Technologies, AWiM2020 Summit takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa on 29-31 July 2020. ‘Re-imagining Futures’ reflects innovation in media industries, and the growing drive to change the narrative of Africa globally, particularly as African countries work towards achieving a dominant global position, and urgent objectives like Silencing the Guns by 2020, Free movement of people, and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Issues around movement, immigration, peace and security, and the lived experiences, roles and insights of women in media practitioners, policy makers, CSOs and researchers make the AWiM2020 Summit a timely focal point to bring these stakeholders together.

AWiM2020 aims to explore three thematic areas:

  1. The prospects of free movement across the continent and the potential impact for female media professionals in Africa, and media and creative industries broadly;
  2. The lived experiences of women in media as participants of peacebuilding and conflict prevention; and,
  3. Emerging technologies and how Africa’s media might leveraging these to improve issues affecting female journalists.

Calls on the media, and particularly women in media in Africa, to utilise their profession to both raise awareness and mediate in conflict, gives rise to pertinent questions around the effectiveness of media-for-peace initiatives, the lived experiences of African women in the media in security reporting, and policy provisions in this regard. Understanding the lived experiences of African women in media is essential to guiding policy and advocacy agendas towards ensuring that countries and media organisations create the necessary enabling environment for women in media to effectively execute their work. Part of this initiative to create enabling environments constitutes a reliable tool for monitoring how well countries and organisations comply with women’s rights, and a means of obtaining data that will support journalists to perform their functions. Safety is however indispensable for bringing about these enabling environments. 

Technologies have contributed both positively and negatively to empowerment of women in media. On the positive side, it has contributed to closing the gender gap of media ownership, with female media entrepreneurs setting up online media organisations. Social media enabled women only groups has provided spaces for women to share their stories and challenge existing narratives around women’s rights and gender equality. But it has also presented challenges, with the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) reporting that “online harassment was cited as the biggest threat by 90%” of female journalists in the U.S. and 71% in Canada. What is the outlook across Africa?

As we consider how African countries will use the Fourth Industrial Revolution with emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Realty (VR), Data Science, Robotics and Blockchain, how might we deploy these for women’s empowerment? How might we close the tech gender gap? How might we address cyber security? 

Other questions for the Summit include:

Movement and Migration

How might easier movement between African countries improve the working conditions and opportunities for African women working in media? How might it improve economic contributions of media and creative industries, for example when we consider the flourishing music industries? What might we learn from examples like CariCom and the ERASMUS for journalist project? How might we reimagine journalistic conversations and representation of migration and displacement in Africa? 

Peace and Security

What are the lived experiences of women in  media reporting on peace and security in Africa? How might continental agendas provide for the participation of women in media? How might female media producers use their position and lived experiences to tell the stories in a way that empowers female survivors of conflict to speak out? 

Emerging Technologies

How are global media responding to emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics and others? How can these technologies help the media better know and engage audiences? What can we learn about gathering, storage and access to data? What is the outlook for online safety of female journalists in Africa? What specific technologies can support specific needs of women in media in African countries? 

In exploring these questions, AWiM2020 Summit welcomes paper, panel and workshop proposals from researchers, practitioners, CSOs and policy professionals in the following topic areas:

Guidelines for Submissions: 

Abstract should be 150-300 words in English or French. It should detail the focus of your proposed paper, panel or workshop. Please include a 50 word bio, and detail your affiliations, and email addresses for all authors. All submissions should be sent to yemisi[at]africanwomeninmedia[dot]com with ‘AWiM2020 CFP’ in the subject line by 20 January 2020.

Registration for AWiM2020 will open 28 February 2020.

AWiM2020 Summit Concept Note – 29-31 July 2020

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    1. Dear Aminah, we shall be waiting for your write up. Please do not forget to sign up to our newsletter here so you get constant reminders about the deadlines and other opportunities that may be available in AWiM

  1. j’aimerai participer a ce séminaire,comment peut on acheminer l’abstrait, c’est avant insciption ou après avoir être retenu?

    1. Bonjour. Veuillez envoyer votre résumé avant le 20 janvier si vous souhaitez présenter un article, proposer un panel ou un atelier. Si vous souhaitez simplement y assister, l’inscription s’ouvrira fin février 2020. Merci

    1. This is very interesting!! I am Andrea Onuoha, a broadcast Journalist from Nigeria. I would like to attend this prestigious conference.

  2. Somali women Journalists Organizations is the biggest female Journalists Organization In Somalia we were registered more than 100 female journalists, we made a lot of activities to promote Somali women Journalists we requesting to attending this meeting because it seems good opportunities as Somali Women journalists we apparition if you give us this chance.

      1. Hello, my name is Temitope from Nigeria,a practising female journalist . May I find out if there will be sponsorship assistance to aid some attendance. Thanks

        1. Dear Temitope,
          Thanks for your interest in the conference. Registration opens in February, the end of February. Last year we had a few sponsorships. I would suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter here just in case we will have an opportunity and you will be among the first to know

  3. Hallo, this is a great take for people who are working towards peace in the World.

    My name are Dennis Onyango, am Kenyan and am much involved in peace and security, i have been involved in the disarmament process in Kenya and mainly in the city of Nairobi,also been trained on regional peace youth mediation.

    This will be the best for me to take part if am able to, please advice me
    looking to forward to your response.

  4. Je suis interessé et j’ai deja participé dans une formation sur Peace building et conflict Resolution
    Comment postuler?

    1. Merci pour votre commentaire. Si vous souhaitez soumettre au CFP, veuillez envoyer votre résumé comme indiqué dans le CFP ci-dessus. Si vous souhaitez y assister, l’inscription débutera fin février

      1. Hello I am called Rabiatou I am from Cameroon working for the Cameroon radio and television as a journalist. I am really interested to attend the summit because it will be the first time especially to acquire skills in the media for peace initiative, as a woman, so that I can help in one way or the other solve the internal conflict my country is going through.

    1. Hello, my name is Temitope from Nigeria,a practising female journalist . May I find out if there will be sponsorship assistance to aid some of us’s attendance. Thanks

    1. This is very interesting!! I am Andrea, a broadcast Journalist from Nigeria, I will like to attend this conference.

      1. Hi, am Zenabia from Liberia. I report on violence against rural women and Girls in my County Bong, and my Country Liberia. This program is great, and I hope to have the opportunity to attend this fourth edition of AWiM 2020.

  5. Hello i’m from burkina faso and i’m interested in peace building and conflits résolution researches.i don’t have a lot of experience i’m doing my best.will i be table to Apply?

  6. This is very interesting!! I am Andrea Onuoha, a broadcast Journalist from Nigeria. I would like to attend this prestigious women conference. What are the requirements of attending, getting Visa and all.

    1. Dear Andrea, thank you for your interest in our fourth conference, AWiM2020 scheduled to take place in Johannesburg. Registration for the conference will start in February and we shall provide all the information you require then. In the meantime, you can register for our newsletter here
      We have also issued a call for papers in case you would be interested in presenting papers here
      Please follow us on Twitter @RealAWiM for updates

      1. My name is Hinda Dahir Jama
        Iam Journalist and have Experience 11 years.
        First I greet you, I hope to attend,because I have never attended (AWIM)

  7. Hi, my name is saliha kadiri i have 24 years old,i’m a content maker of instagram , can i apply in this opportunity ?

  8. interesting. I a m very glad to submit my request to your organization I m a senior Journalist I want to attend to the workshop of Women in Media, Peace and Technologies, AWiM2020 Summit takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa

  9. Good Day Yemisi,

    This is a must attend conference. We gladly will second our Editor as well as our Digital Content Editor and if its on ZOOM or digital space, incl. me as well. I am a Business Development Executive working with and for a women focused media corporate and publisher, running a vivacious cosmopolitan bi-monthly business women magazine, Woman To Woman Botswana. We would like us to explore possible value creation collaborations with your esteemed organisation as we have embraced the new normal and economy ushered in by the deadly yet passing COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently working on our next issue, July-Aug 2020: Women in STEAM, Women’s Month (in solidarity with our sisters in RSA) and SADC Month as seek to celebrate and appreciate African women in Botswana, the region and Africa wide who are pushing down barriers and boundaries in the Science, Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics space. Each of our 6 issues a year is ensued and supported by an enthralling Power Business Breakfast session and the last we commemorated International Women’s Day and in that issue we also celebrated International Day of Women and girls in ICT. Kindly inbox me your full contact details for further info ([email protected]) and how we can push the foregoing matter forward. Thanks.

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