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Vacancy: Training Consultant on Reporting Violence Against Women and Girls in Nigeria

Posting title: Training Consultant- Reporting Violence against Women and Girls in Nigeria  

Organization: African Women in Media (AWiM)  

Location: Remote (Nigeria)  

About African Women in Media (AWiM)  

African Women in the Media is an international non-governmental organization with the aim to positively impact the way media functions in relation to African women. Our members are African women from a diverse range of media backgrounds. Our vision is that one-day African women will have equal access to representation and opportunities in media industries and media content. African Women in the Media (AWiM) aims to contribute to the creation of enabling environments for African women who work in media industries, and to change the way African women are represented in media content. It does this through knowledge production, training and partnerships.   


Globally, communities are experiencing incidences of violence caused by civil conflicts, political uprisings, natural disasters, economic challenges and transnational disputes. These have affected men and women (particularly women and girls) differently. A World Bank report in September 2019 describes Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) as a global pandemic that affects 1 in 3 women in their lifetime. In Nigeria, global gender gap index puts the rate of Lifetime Physical and Sexual Intimate Partner Violence at 16.3%. In Nigeria, there is a neglect of social issues, especially the issue of violence against women, which is a rampant problem. The lack of comprehensive coverage of such issues has led to poor awareness about women’s rights among the general public and the government’s refusal to consider it a policy issue. Therefore, there is a need to implement a project that sensitizes the media to create sustainable public awareness and policy advocacy. To this end, this program will enhance the capacity of female journalists to report competently on VAWG through in-depth, evidence-based and well researched courses outlined below: 

Courses to be developed under this program:  

The following courses will focus on understanding the key concepts of ethical and sensitive reporting on Violence against Women and Girls with emphasis on the progress, protection and promotion of women as producers and consumers of news. Generally, the courses should cover issues such as ethical reporting of VAWG, legal and policy frameworks, women’s rights, preventive messaging, visual production of VAWG stories, forms of violence and how to report on each, understanding and using data, psychosocial considerations for journalists etc. The courses will equip participants, at either early or mid-career level with the critical skills to report from a perspective of gender-sensitive values and produce stories that comprehensively highlight issues of VAWG in Nigeria.  

The courses are: 

  1. Ethical reporting of VAWG: Intersectionality and intentionality while reporting. 
  2. Legal and policy frameworks for reporting on VAWG 
  3. Understanding the rights of women & girls, basic terminology and the language of reporting VAWG. 
  4. Understanding investigative reporting and developing an investigative VAWG story.  
  5. Mental health and safety considerations for journalists reporting on VAWG 
  6. Story development: identifying stories, interviewing & protecting sources and fact checking.  

The consultant will therefore:  

  1. Design and develop an online 10 modular course package on any of the above courses and for which the consultant is an expert (please select one)  
  2. Produce engaging course materials that includes graphics, visuals, audio and video content 
  3. Produce promotional videos and commentaries for the course.  
  4. Be available to guest edit AWiM weekly newsletter(s) relating to the project.  
  5. Be available for live webinars if required.   

Roles and responsibilities of the consultant:  

Under the supervision and overall guidance of the Project Lead, the consultant will perform the following tasks within the given time- frame indicated in the terms of reference:  

  1. Collaborate with internal project department to develop training materials in the form of web-based tutorials that motivate, improve competency and achieve learning outcomes defined in the instructional design  
  2. Create course materials and teaching aids- including graphics, visuals, audio and video content that support content delivery and skills evaluations and final assessments/ facilitate and develop training program on  VAWG
  3. Developing feedback tools to assess the effectiveness of the curriculum  
  4. Facilitating the delivery of the teaching. 
  5. Respond to student questions and modify, revise and update content if necessary.  
  6. Effectively utilize current learning delivery platform and tools to deliver training.   
  7. Develop consistent and positive learner interactions.   

Expected Duration  

The total duration of preparing and final delivery of the training package for which the consultant will be hired shall be 1 month spread over 2 months from the date of signing of the contract  


  1. Submit a 10 modular training package with high quality of information and presented in a user-friendly way.  
  2. Produce high quality videos and other relevant module content such as additional resources. 
  3. Conduct at least 1 live session with the trainees during the program.  
  4. Trainer report for which AWiM will provide a template.  

Essential Requirements  

  1. Minimum Bachelor’s degree in instructional design, journalism, education or a related discipline.  
  2. Must be based in Nigeria with comprehensive understanding and awareness of Violence against Women and Girls issues in Nigeria.   
  3. In-depth working knowledge in designing, developing, implementing and evaluating training plans, curricula and methodology.   
  4. Proficiency in office software, including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  
  5. Skilled in developing digital media and online content for training and course delivery.   
  6. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.  
  7. Collaboration and interpersonal skills  
  8. Organizational and time management skills.  


  1. Advanced proficiency in technology-based learning management systems (LMS).  
  2. 2 or more year’s online learning and development experience, with a sound understanding of the complete learning cycle. 
  3. Demonstrated knowledge of up-to-date learning techniques with proven application and usage.   

Language: Native or high level of professional proficiency in written and spoken English.  

We look forward to receiving your application, which should include the following materials:  

  1. A cover letter that includes a brief description of the relevant course topic you are an expert in and can therefore produce a training package for. (1-2 pages max)  
  2. A proposed course outline, broken down into 10 modules, for your chosen course topic.  
  3. A CV   
  4. Contact details for two referees. 

Please submit your application no later than 7th June 2022 to [email protected]  (use the subject line “RVAWG training consultant”)  


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