Conversation with Christabel Ligami

Christabel Ligami, one of the award winners at the awim19 conference shares snippets of her career journey while talking about the place of data and policy in journalism. Please tell us about yourself My name is Christabel Ligami, a Kenyan freelance journalist. I am a multi-award-winning journalist both internationally and regionally.  I have a master’s […]

Conversation with Mary Mwendwa

Mary Mwendwa, a Journalist with a background in science tells us why she pitched her award-winning story at the AWIM19 pitch zone and tells us why she tells stories from a place of depth and passion. Please tell us about yourself I am a freelance journalist and editor for an online publication called… ( Talkafrica) […]

The AWIM Awards & Agenda 2063: A Reflection of the New Africa

A new Africa beckons, one that fosters high visibility, maximum impact and borderless bonds. This is evident in the take-off of the Africa Continental Free Trade- a phenomenon that will not only unify Africa but also offers more opportunities for everyone As a leading organization that seeks to connect people in the media space to […]


C.E.O & Co-founder, AWiM

Dr Yemisi Akinbobola is an award-winning journalist, academic, consultant and co-founder of African Women in Media (AWiM). AWiM’s vision is that one-day African women will have equal access to representation in media. Joint winner of the CNN African Journalist Award 2016 (Sports Reporting), Yemisi ran her news website IQ4News between 2010-14.
Yemisi holds a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies from Birmingham City University, where she is a Senior Lecturer. She has published scholarly research on women’s rights, African feminism, and journalism and digital public spheres. She was Editorial Consultant for the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 commemorative book titled “She Stands for Peace: 20 Years, 20 Journeys”, and currently hosts the book’s podcast.
She speaks regularly on issues relating to gender and media. In 2021 she was recognized as one of 100 Most Influential African Women.