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CFP: African Women in Media 2019 Conference & Festival

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African Women in the Media 2019 Conference & Festival  in partnership with African Union Commission Theme: SHOWCASE Proposals are invited for a three-day conference and festival in Nairobi, Kenya Date: 11-13 July, 2019 African Women in the Media, in pursuance of its objective to bring together media practitioners and scholars in the field of media, […]

AWIM Spotlight Career How To

How to Get a Grant

Becoming a grantee of the 2017/18 International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) Howard Buffet Fund for Women Journalists, was a rare opportunity for me which has boosted my career. I am passionate about reporting issues relating to women development in my community, and the grant gave me the opportunity to reach more women in their localities and […]

Art Career How To

The Inverted Pyramid is dying; don’t let your writing follow suit

Finally, after centuries in journalism schools, conferences and seminars, the inverted pyramid style of news writing is on its last legs. Dying out, the ghosts of this method can often be seen in traditional newspaper writing and radio bulletins. Don’t take my word for it; there’s a whole raft of academic papers and features on […]

Gender Talk Stories

Female IDPs Continue to Suffer Starvation and Sexual Abuse in Nigerian Camps

ABUJA – In September 2016, a study on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) conducted in Nigeria by NOI Polls reported that access to food, water, medicines and relief materials remain big issues to most IDPs; and sadly, women are mostly at the receiving end. About 85 percent of the IDPs interviewed, at the time, said they […]

Gender Talk Stories

Shaping the Mind of the Girl-child with Storytelling

“Eze Ada, you are meant to be a boy”- this is a phrase that has been said way too many times to me by mother and I have always wondered why; was it because of the way I walked- as a fast walker, did that mean I didn’t possess the grace that a woman was […]

Career How To Stories

How to Use Your Instagram as a Calling Card

Let’s face it; Instagram is like fufu, mieliepap, ugali or banku – you either like it and indulge all the time, or you don’t. But what none of us can deny is that Instagram is indeed one of several meals that enrich the soup called social media. Whether you have 500k followers or 50 followers, […]

AWIM 2018 How To Presentation Slides

VIDEO: Gabriela Torres ‘What Makes Women Click’

With over 20 year experience of journalism in television, radio, print, online and social media production across two continents and five countries, Gabriela Torres is currently BBC World Service Social Media Women Engagement champion. As part of BBC Digital Development team, she has lead innovative projects focusing on engagement, audience growth and newsroom workflows providing […]

AWIM 2018 Stories Workplace Tales

VIDEO: Ijeoma Onyeator, challenges of reporting elections as a female reporter

Speaking on the Gender, Security and Election Coverage panel at the African Women in the Media 2018 Conference, Channels TV’s news anchor, Ijeoma Onyeator questions the extent to which the structures and processes set up for election periods, are conducive enough for female journalists to do their work in covering the elections.